Joyusing New Launch — JC2H Dual HDMI Video Capture Card

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2 min readSep 16, 2021

You might want to capture your console or camera footage if you are interested in streaming your gameplays to YouTube Gaming, Twitch, or Facebook Gaming. You will need specific hardware that offers these features. Here:

  • HDMI Count To use a video capture cards, connect your console or camera’s video output to the card. An HDMI cable connects the console to the capture card. You will need to use dual HDMI ports to achieve this functionality. A single port capture card is not ideal for cameras that you don’t want to connect to a monitor.
  • Interface To capture the video signal, and send it to a broadcasting station like OBS or XSplit you will need to connect the capture card to your computer. This is usually done using USB 3.0 to get the best signal quality. However, you can also use USB 2.0 ports for a more affordable price. Some models with higher performance may offer PCIe connectivity.
  • Resolution While any video capture card can be used to share your camera feed or gameplay, not all cards will offer the best quality image. It is a good idea to verify the resolution of your video camera card. This includes both the output and input resolutions. Most capture card models, except for a few, are typically 4K 60Hz and 1080p 30-Hz.

Joyusing’s JC2H Dual HDMI video capture card is a Full HD video and audio high-performance record/playback through USB-C and PGM output, capturing dual HDMI input and analog audio input. Based on UVC standard, the device features a laptop/phone or live broadcast software fast connection with the system-supplied driver.

With features:

  • 2 HDMI to USB-C

Dual HDMI input enables you to capture uncompressed 1080p video from 2 channels simultaneously.

  • High-Definition Video Capture

The HDMI video capture device is able to output high-quality video to your website, apps, Cloud, and social channels. Your videos will be ready for viewing in seconds and will be captured with high resolution and out of great contrast.

  • 5 Screen Mode Configurations

Adjust the display settings by built-in buttons, enabling PIP (Picture-in-Picture), PBP (Picture-by-Picture), etc.

  • Easy & Quick DSLR Installation

It can be fixed on the bracket through a 1/4 “hot hole for better live streaming.

  • Driver-free Installation

The UVC standard is available to work automatically with the system-supplied driver. You don’t need an extra driver. Therefore, the USB video capture can have a fast connection with a laptop, phone, or live broadcast software.

  • Ideal for Live Streaming

A flexible audio connection is equipped so that you can record audio directly from PC output to speakers/mixers.



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